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Why work with B2B Surge to manage Google AdWords?

If you don't have the time, knowledge, experience, or expertise in-house then hiring us to effectively manage your AdWords campaigns is a no brainer.

With a managed Google Adwords campaign, you can be sure that your ads always reach the right people.

Before we start work on your Adwords account, our team will analyse keywords for your business and then we will verify these with you to make sure these are suitable for you.

e.g. We might find great keywords but you might say, I could struggle to get a return on investement on these keywords because they relate to my least profitable service/product.

So you can rest assured that you will never be out of the loop on how we're running the account for you.

Once keywords have been agreed we move onto setting up the ad groups, ads and conversion tracking. Once all this is in place it's then a process of testing which ads and keywords work best.

What if I already have an AdWords Campaign?

No problem. We can either create a new campaign or our team can analyse the current campaign for you and provide you with a review on where it can be improved.

How much does it cost?

The cost of managing the account comes down to the following 3 elements:

  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Total daily/monthly ad budget
  • Monthly management fee

The first 2 costs above vary depending on industry, keywords, and the goals of the campaign.

As soon as the campaign becomes profitble there's no cost because the ads will pay for themselves.

Does it work?

Of course AdWords works but it only generates website traffic, the challenge is to get to a stage where you're making consistent converions that produce a positive return on ad spend. You will get to this stage unless you have a lousy service, product or website.

We won't proceed and let you spend money if we think your service, product or website isn't up to standard.

We want you to get results from the get go and we will work with you to get things right!

Ready to grow your business with AdWords? Got any questions?

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I have worked with Martin on quite a few projects from a roof kit calculator shopify app to AdWords management. He has really helped my business (online store) and has managed to achieve things that I thought were impossible prior to us doing business together.

Paul Reynolds
APEX Fibreglass Roofing

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