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Choosing a web designer can be overwhelming because when you search “web design services” online there are literally millions to choose from not to mention the daily spam email offers from so-called experts.

If they were experts at SEO and Web Design, why do they need to rely on cold/unsolicited emails to get clients.

The web design field is far too easy to get into and that’s a huge problem because this attracts unreliable and undedicated web designers.

With the rise of DIY website builders (e.g. WIX) and YouTube tutorials this opens the door to any Tom, Dick or Harry and many of these people are better at selling websites then they’re designing them which leaves many business owners feeling disappointed and ripped off.

The problem is only going to get worse because of a shrinking job market so we can look forward to more subpar web designers in the future.

Another big problem in the industry is overpromising…

So many designers/agencies promise what they know they can’t deliver…

When we take on a client we make sure a set of respectful boundaries are put into place so that the client knows what can and can’t do.

We let the client know how and when to contact us, having boundaries and setting expectations makes everybody’s life a lot easier.

Let’s move onto pricing…

The biggest chunk of your web design budget actually has nothing to do with the design.

It’s writing the actual content that takes the lion’s share of the budget unless you are going to write the content yourself which can be a big challenge and it can delay the web design project.

A good web designer will have a solution prepared for you and warn you about content creation during a meeting or consultation.

Possible copywriting solutions:

  • You create all content (be careful this takes time and dedication)
  • You hire a freelance copywriter
  • Web designer offers a copywriter on their staff
  • Web designer offers a freelance copywriter

The content part of the project is often overlooked but it’s the most important part of the whole process…

So, how can some designers/agencies offer crazy prices as low as £199?

For some people, it’s a case of the cheaper the better because for many business owners their perceived cost to build a website is very small…

It’s not about getting the cheapest option you can find, it’s about not overpaying for features you don’t need but also not skimping at the expense of the quality.

Also, you can only compare designers/agencies on price if they’re offering the exact same level of service.

e.g. If one option provides all the website content for you and the other option doesn’t then it won’t make sense to compare on price. You’re not going to get a full solution for £199.

Should you just go for the more expensive price instead? No.

Sometimes people will jump at the more expensive quote for a website because if it costs more, then it should be the better option right? Wrong!

  • We have clients that came to us after splashing out £2,000 on a website and left disappointed because they can no longer get hold of the web designer to make changes.
  • Some have paid over £2,000 for a WordPress theme that can be picked up for £50.
  • Some clients feel their previous web designer did a sloppy job and didn’t listen to their ideas.
  • They have been left high and dry with a useless website.

A lot of business owners don’t know what they’re looking for when they hire a designer so it’s easy to get blinded by science and get overcharged.

It pays to get things right first time by doing your due diligence e.g. check out web designer reviews.

Web design and business, in general, can be complicated, that’s why we put a lot of effort into educating our prospects/clients so they can make better decisions and move forward in their business hence the name B2B Surge (Define – surge: A sudden powerful forward movement).


Don’t consider spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on bespoke website design if you’re not sure if your business can make money!

You can’t build a long term and viable business by purely relying on the design of your website.

Your business foundation is not built on its website design.

There is SO MUCH MORE to building a successful business than just having a fancy website.

You need to understand what your potential customers really want and you need to drive traffic to your website through various forms of marketing which include content marketing, paid ads, SEO and so much more but not all designers will tell you this.

They will just throw a website together, take your money and leave you to figure it all out for yourself, which sadly leads to failure for a lot for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs.

At B2B Surge we are upfront about everything, if we think you need to go away for a few months and do some research then we will tell you.

We would rather turn work away than waste your money and receive a bad review.

Also, if you’re just starting out in your business and you have a small budget we would recommend using a website builder like WIX to get yourself up and running then hire a professional down the line.

If you’re an established business owner or entrepreneur then you can ignore all of the above…

But if you’re just starting out let us guide you on what I have just talked about when it comes to building a business and a website so you can avoid costly mistakes…

So let us take the stress out of the web design process!

Why work with us?

  • FREE 30 minute consultation – no commitment at this stage
  • FREE mockup before so you can decide if you want to work with us – no commitment at this stage
  • FREE Support for 90 days after the website has gone live
  • Low deposit to start the project – We do payments in stages, not like others that demand full payment upfront
  • Domain name and hosting included in the price
  • No hidden costs
  • All work is carried out in the UK
  • We don’t overpromise – we only promise what we know we can 100% deliver

It’s our job to make sure that people get the best website possible, tailored to your specific needs.

We believe that everyone deserves a beautifully designed website that generates leads and sales.

Click here to book a FREE consultation you won’t regret it!