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Project Overview

AC Schnitzer is the official distributor for Mini and BMW tuning parts in the UK and have been the original importer in 1989.

A member of our design team came across the AC Schnitzer website whilst searching Google for car parts and realised that the landing/home page wouldn't load properly even though all the inner pages were all perfectly designed.

We saw this as an opportunity to offer our services, we spoke to Lorcan who was very friendly and he informed us that their last designer had abandoned the page. A day later after speaking to his Director he asked us if we could fix the page for him.

We completely restructured the html and css because the landing page had been created using tables which is a bad idea because tables increase the complexity of webpages and make them more difficult to manage. They also reduce a websites flexibility in accommodating different media and design elements which also limits a websites functionality. Tables exist in HTML for one reason and that is to display tabular data.

To bring the page to life we also added a car sound (BMW accelerating) and I know you're probably thinking sounds on a webpage is so 1990s. Because the popularity has died down when you use sound on your website it will stand out and that's the name of the game. Also we have tested multiple websites with and without sound. We have found that websites without sound don't convert as well.

If you have landing page or website that needs a revamp then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Lorcan Parnell - AC Schnitzer (Rossiters Ltd)

"When our previous designer let us down Martin (friendly and helpful) quickly picked up where they left off and optimised our landing page exactly how we wanted."

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