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Project Overview

After Everlong Films (a wedding videography company based in South Wales) built their website using WordPress they realised it didn't look great on smaller devices e.g. mobiles and tablets.

The thought of a potential client not being able to view their website properly on a hand-held device is unthinkable these days especially with them working in an industry where attention to detail is crucial.

So they got in touch with us and our team were able to transform their website and make it user friendly across all devices within our deadline just by adding extra media queries to make the website fully responsive.

If you have an exisiting website that isn't fully responsive then please get in touch. Prices range from £99 - £250 it just depends how responsive your website is to begin with.

Dan Orrell - Everlong Films

"We are delighted with the work they have done on our website and I'd be happy to recommend B2B Surge's services to anyone."

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