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Software Development

What if?

At B2B Surge, we address the questions your team ask every day. What if I could show my customer a draft within seconds? What if I could do this mundane task in a click of a button? What if I never had to email this report ever again?

We get to know you, we get to know your business, and more importantly we get to know your problems. We answer the what if's by building software that will automate your business/marketing tasks.

We have built various productivity boosting applications tailored to the unique needs of each business we work with:

  • Twitter Marketing Tools
  • Web Scrapers
  • Content Research
  • Email Account Creators
  • Social Bookmarking Tools
  • Link Building Tools
  • Classified Ad Poster
  • Website Rankings Checker
  • Email Outreach Tools
  • ...and much more!

It's all in the tools!

"Work smarter, not harder" - The technology world is changing constantly and the massive volume of information at our fingertips grows at an ever-increasing rate so having the right software tools in the hands of your workforce is vital.

The only limit is your imagination - Have a BIG idea? Let's talk!

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